Our Clinic

What kind of clinic are we?

We consider ourselves to be an active physiotherapy clinic that uses the best of the passive techniques to supplement your injury. In clinic, and at home exercises, are an important part of your treatment and the passive treatment will greatly add to your recovery.

Pre & Post Surgical

Before surgery it is helpful to be strong and for "active range of motion" (AROM) to be as good as possible. After surgery, it is very important to get some treatment and exercises for the problem. We have years of post-surgical experience and are familiar with protocols after surgery. Rick has worked extensively with post-surgical shoulder, knees and lower backs and is very familiar with the exercise protocols that go along with these.

Sports Physiotherapy

25 years of working with athletes including Canada's National Hockey teams and the WHL.

Active Physiotherapy

All patients are given active routines to compliment recovery of their injury.

Passive Physiotherapy

Passive treatment is meant to work the joints, tissues and muscles to a state where they can handle exertion. There is an increase in blood flow, circulation and in many cases, muscle contraction. When someone mentions Passive Therapy, they are including treatments like Ultrasound, IFC, Shockwave, ART, IMS, Acupuncture, Laser, Massage, Chiropractic adjustments etc. The point is to help patients manage the pain until it is possible to engage in active physiotherapy.
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